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> I'll introduce myself, but I've to warn all ya'all that my English is

No problem!  My english is bad and I was born here...

> Ok, my artist name is McNRiQ (you say:MacNriQ), I'm producing HipHop Beats
> and I rap too.
> I use FruityLoops for 2 years, now I got Fruity 3.4...First I got the
> illegal version, but now I'm waiting if my money is transferred to fruity
> I receive the original regcode.

You did the right thing =o).

> I really luv Fruity, Fruity got everything I need. When I got a beat in ma
> head, I can realize it in FruityLoops.

This is what I like about it too, that and the fact that it encourages
experimentation with all its cool and easy to use features.

> This month I'll get my new Yamaha msp5 monitors en my Behringer mixer..

I got a pair of msp5s a month or so ago.  Nice sound, flat to 50khz
apparently.  they also go very LOUD.

> are my first proffesional purchases, I'm just a beginner.
> I'm from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I'm making beats for the Dutch
> HipHopgroup :District6 (www.district6.tk)
> The site is just under construction and soon you'll find our songs en
> made with FruityLoops!..

OK, I'll check that out when I am done listening to scragz music.

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, hope you feel able to make
regular contributions to the list...


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