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Hi from Spain,

Thanks for your answers :-)=2E I received the final regcode for 3=2E4 but =
want the regcode for 3=2E5 as I've downloaded the demo and it kick ass=2E =
love FL!!=2E What do you think about using Cubasis Go 3=2E0 for mastering?=
=2E I
am planing to do some remixes and thanks to the new feature from FL 3=2E5
that can render separate sound files for each channel effect, I could mix
all the files in Cubasis=2E I friend of mine has a rock band and I have
offered him a remix in the vein of Rammstein=2E I could mix their wav file=
with the ones generated by FL=2E What do you think about Cubasis Go 3=2E0?=

Thanks to all at the list!!!!!

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From: AndyEbling andyebling@clara=2Eco=2Euk
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 17:41:14 +0100
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Subject: [fruityloops] Re: Welcome to list 'fruityloops'

> I hace just received the reg code and have some questions:

Is this the beta regcode or the full / final product=2E

> Could I use FL in moe than one computer with one registration? (both
> computers are mine and dor my private use=2E

I saw this question asked on the forum and JMC (from imageline) said it wa=
ok to install on two machines if it is for your own use=2E

> Has someone received FL 3=2E5 and the regcodes?

I have the beta regcode and am looking forward to when drumsynth live come=


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