[fruityloops] Re: Using orange vocoder with Fruityloops

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  • Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 01:18:07 -0400

Thats because you are trying to load Ovocoder as a synth.

You must load it on an FX channel (on the mixer), then feed two channels to
it, you must hard pan left and right each channel and uncheck "Use synth" on

BTW: I have a surprise for all, but since Its a surprise Ill only give you a
screenshot. (attached), believe it or not, this is a vocoder (stereo) enough
said. (stay tuned at KvR)

<moderator> I'm afraid you can't send attachments to this list; they get 
stripped automatically by the mailing list software.  Could I suggest putting 
the picture on the web somewhere and posting a link?  Thanks, Andy

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> Hi Fruity Friends,
> Does anyone know how to use Orange Vocoder together with Fruityloops?
> I could not insert it!
> Every time I try to open it,the following messages appears:
> Can't load a FX into a channel
> Thank you
> Carlo

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