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  • Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 19:15:34 -0400

I discovered that last night.  That is one of the handiest shortcutters in
the world . . . I like being able to pick an effect, decide I don't like it,
and hit the icon to select another . . . Fruity and speeeeeeed, yah!

Layyyter . . .
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> > Did you know that you can NAME your FX channels?  Very handy if you
> > remember what they're all for!  Just click on the top left-hand icon of
> the
> > FX window and select "Set Name".
> Cool.  You can also do this by selecting an FX channel and right clicking
> the title bar of the FX window.
> Another FX window related trick that I have overlooked till today is
> Linked Channels" also in that menu.  It can be used to show you which Step
> Sequencer channels are configured to send to the current FX channel.
> (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+L).
> I've added these to the hints and tips list.
> Andy

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