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  • Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 14:11:24 -0500

Right, comments noted.  I've been thinking of taking some piano &/or =
drum lessons.  I've thought they would come in handy.  Maybe I'll go for =
the gusto here after Christmas when I get some financial help (christmas =
money!). =20

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Sorry to butt in here, but don't get an Oxygen8, get one with at least =
octaves (I have a PC300 which is excellent).

I would also recommend learning about music theory, and in particular =
how to play the piano to at least a very competent standard (although =
will take some time!).  I've taken the plunge this year and it has =
inspired my creativeness, and is very enjoyable to boot!


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> Thanks Andy.  That clears a lot up for me.  I've been debating on =3D
> getting an Oxygen8 or not.  I think I'm going to get it.  I'm no =3D
> musician, but I would like a small keyboard to play around with & some =
> knobs to tweak out my filters and stuff.  Now that I know FL will =
record =3D
> my sessions, I'll make that investment.  One question though, is it as =
> simple as pressing the record button & then playing on the keyboard or =
> are there other steps as well.  I remember seeing the quantitize on =
the =3D
> edit menu options.
> Thanks for your help,
> Tony
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> > If I get a controller keyboard, will FL record the notes I play on =
> keyboard like Cubase & other programs do?  I know I can tweak the =3D
> filters &
> such of my soft synths, but I would also like to play some riffs on =
> keyboard versus trying to make things in the piano roll.  Also, does =
FL =3D
> have
> a way to make the notes I play "snap" to a certain position so they =
stay =3D
> in
> rhythm with the song?  Thanks for any help.  Sorry to bother anyone.
> Yes you can use a master keyboard with fruityloops, but there are a =
> caveats.  You may notice a small delay between pressing a note on the
> controller keyboard and actually hearing the note.  This is known as =
> latency
> and it depends on your sound card, you sound card drivers and overall =
> system
> performance.  Creative cards (e.g. SB Live and audigy) are not =3D
> particularly
> good in this respect, but I'm currently getting by with an SB Live by =
> using
> some unofficial drivers (http://www.kxproject.org) which dramatically
> improve the latency.  Unfortunately, due to their hardware design, the
> SBLive and Audigy work at 48Khz sampling rate internally; every other =
> rate
> gets converted to this by the card.  That means that the ultra low =3D
> latency
> drivers (ASIO) only work at 48khz.  Fruityloops has some issues with =
> working
> at sample rates other than 44.1khz.  Many of these issue have now been
> resolved, but the DX-10 plugin and some FX plugins may sound different =
> if
> not used at 44.1khz.
> I'd recommend you get a controller keyboard that has some programmable =
> knobs
> in addition to the usual notes.  You can assign these to just about =
> control inside fruity (e.g. filters) and record the changes in real =
> time.
> Yes, fruity can snap notes to a grid, this is known as quantisation.  =
> You
> can either snap notes to a rigid grid, make them move towards a rigid =
> grid
> (sometimes called gentle or partial quastisation) or you can use =
> quantise templates which take the feel of say a drummer playing live =
> apply it to the recordings you make with your keyboard.  This is very =
> useful
> if you use a drum loop in your tracks as you can create your own =3D
> quantise
> template and use it on all the parts in the track, giving the whole =
> thing an
> consistent feel.
> hope that helps, if anything isn't clear, don't be afraid to ask.
> Andy

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