[fruityloops] Re: FL & controller keyboards

  • From: "AndyEbling" <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 19:44:00 +0100

> If I get a controller keyboard, will FL record the notes I play on the
keyboard like Cubase & other programs do?  I know I can tweak the filters &
such of my soft synths, but I would also like to play some riffs on the
keyboard versus trying to make things in the piano roll.  Also, does FL have
a way to make the notes I play "snap" to a certain position so they stay in
rhythm with the song?  Thanks for any help.  Sorry to bother anyone.

Yes you can use a master keyboard with fruityloops, but there are a few
caveats.  You may notice a small delay between pressing a note on the
controller keyboard and actually hearing the note.  This is known as latency
and it depends on your sound card, you sound card drivers and overall system
performance.  Creative cards (e.g. SB Live and audigy) are not particularly
good in this respect, but I'm currently getting by with an SB Live by using
some unofficial drivers (http://www.kxproject.org) which dramatically
improve the latency.  Unfortunately, due to their hardware design, the
SBLive and Audigy work at 48Khz sampling rate internally; every other rate
gets converted to this by the card.  That means that the ultra low latency
drivers (ASIO) only work at 48khz.  Fruityloops has some issues with working
at sample rates other than 44.1khz.  Many of these issue have now been
resolved, but the DX-10 plugin and some FX plugins may sound different if
not used at 44.1khz.

I'd recommend you get a controller keyboard that has some programmable knobs
in addition to the usual notes.  You can assign these to just about any
control inside fruity (e.g. filters) and record the changes in real time.

Yes, fruity can snap notes to a grid, this is known as quantisation.  You
can either snap notes to a rigid grid, make them move towards a rigid grid
(sometimes called gentle or partial quastisation) or you can use groove
quantise templates which take the feel of say a drummer playing live and
apply it to the recordings you make with your keyboard.  This is very useful
if you use a drum loop in your tracks as you can create your own quantise
template and use it on all the parts in the track, giving the whole thing an
consistent feel.

hope that helps, if anything isn't clear, don't be afraid to ask.


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