[fruityloops] Re: Downloading files from the FL site

  • From: "Joshua Moore" <jmoore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 13:59:25 -0600

    If memory serves me correctly the reg information should be emailed to
you in ZIP format.

// Joshua Moore
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Subject: [fruityloops] Downloading files from the FL site

> Advice please somebody
> I have just bought the full download version of FL (I have been using an
> version 3 boxed set for ages so know a lot about the program as some of
> are probably aware) anyway, I ordered from work as this is where I have
> e-mail and net connections.
> I have downloaded the demo of FL and am ready to receive my code.
> However......
> I ordered the dream station and wasp synth at the same time and can't seem
> to find anywhere to download them from ??? do they send these to me as an
> attachment or should I be downloading the demo from somewhere ??
> Please help ??
> The trouble is I am not able to receive exe files at work. Doh !!! I know
> should have realised this before ordering but hay I was to concerned with
> other things.
> So to finally get to the point: are these sent as exe files or zip files
> have I totally missed the point and should be downloading them from
> somewhere ?!?!
> Cheers
> JimmiJ
> Peace !

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