[fruityloops] Re: CPU overloading (was: (no subject))

  • From: Tim Jenkins <TimJ@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:46:06 -0000

Sensible level ?? obviously depends on your system. I think I am set at 7ms
and that fine.  If you are running 5 or 6 versions of say absynth then you
will push your system hard (very hard). Try the buffer/latency mate I would
suggest that you just need to optimise that 

Let us know how you get on 

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I am using maybe 5 or 6 plugins with less effects than you seem to be
so i wondered if something is wrong in my setup. As far as latency i don't
the program in front of me so what would you suggest is a suitable level?

i loaded the audiophile with the standard drivers that were in the box but
and i think i'm using asio but not sure.

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