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  • Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:37:52 -0000

I am using maybe 5 or 6 plugins with less effects than you seem to be
so i wondered if something is wrong in my setup. As far as latency i don't
the program in front of me so what would you suggest is a suitable level?

i loaded the audiophile with the standard drivers that were in the box but
and i think i'm using asio but not sure.

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Nice card !!!!!! 

How many effects are you using?? as Andy said you can optimise your system
by playing with these. Try using sends for reverb and other minor tweaks?? 

You still haven't said how many plugins you are using prior to it straining
the cpu ?? As for bouncing the plugins to audio and then re-entering them
into fruity, this does work but takes ages and loses a hell of a lot of
flexibility (that's why you buy plugins and not sample cds ;~) 

For example I have a 1.4athlon with less memory than you (SD RAM) and a
6fire card. I find I can run say 10 sample channels and then upto about 7 or
8 plugins (depending on which ones I am using) this coupled with roughly 20
effects and a couple of send ?? 

Hope that helps

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