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  • Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 11:27:07 +1100

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From: "John Madden"
> It typically means that you've got subscribers who are using a mail
> forwarding service to send mail from the list to some other account and
> that endpoint account is bouncing.

There is another possibility and I have had it happen on my list
unfortunately. That is that someone has a virus and there are emails in the
persons in box from your list. The virus as you know steals the from address
from the inbox - which happens to be your lists address. Some of these mails
then bounce and you get the bounce because the list address was used, even
though it wasn't a list person who sent it really.

A good indicator that this is what is happening is that you only get one or
two bounces for that address, not multiple as you would expect for a
legitimate list address.

I generally send out a "check for virus" warning to the whole list - when
the culprit disinfects the problem resolves.............

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