Re: [foxboro] CALC vs. IND question

  • From: Corey R Clingo <corey.clingo@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 16:35:06 -0500

"Leave empty steps here and
there if possible, for inserting additional instructions."

This got to be such a PITA that I actually have a script that downloads a 
CALC/CALCA/LOGIC block using iccprt, strips everything but the steps, and 
sticks that in a text file.  I vi that, then run another set of scripts 
that renumbers the steps, packages it into an ICC driver task input file, 
and uploads it.  They're ugly but they work.

I think the Feedforward guys put up a VB CALC code editor on their site, 
but I never used it, primarily because I didn't have a PC handy and 
connected when I first started slinging CALC block code.

But I still follow that advice, because it is faster than exiting my ICC 
session, running the scripts, then getting back into my ICC session to 
finish the rest of the configuration.

I'm also mulling over making a custom detail display for CALC blocks so I 
can see the comments, as well as other parameters I need together in one 
place.  Like many of the supplied detail displays, the CALC block's does 
not utilize screen real estate very effectively.

I ought to start a new thread, but how many on the list have built their 
own detail displays and/or faceplates?  What were the pros/cons?  We are 
talking here a lot about human factors aspects, better graphics, etc. and 
more and more I think that I could make some improvements in the factory 
fare.  Of course anyone who came from a stock I/A system might be lost -- 
or kissing the screen.  Who knows?

Corey Clingo
BASF Corporation

Jerry Hidahl <Jerry_Hidahl@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 
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03/27/2008 01:21 PM
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Re: [foxboro] CALC vs. IND question

Comments don't show up very well on the detail display (limited space).
They show up best in the configurator. Needless to say, they don't show up
at all, if no one puts them in. (The same is just as true for any kind of
HLBL block.) Recently, I've made a practice of developing any kind of
CALC/LOGIC/MATH/CALCA block on an Excel spread sheet off-line. It enables
me to put as many comments in as I like, including the various I/O
parameter entries or connections. It also allows me to move steps around 
make room, and to figure out step numbers for branching, before I've coded
anything in the configurator. It's easier to see the big picture on your 
or a piece of paper than on the detail display or the configurator.

This brings me to another helpful practice: Leave empty steps here and
there if possible, for inserting additional instructions. The first time
you have to reenter three-quarters of the steps because you found a bug,
you'll understand why "white space" (empty steps) is your friend.

Jerry Hidahl
Process Control Engineer
Port Neches Performance Products
Huntsman Corporation

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