[fenrir-screenreader] Re: Ubuntu 21.1: check dependencies is failing though everything is passing

  • From: chrys <chrys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fenrir-screenreader@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2022 10:47:10 +0100

Howdy Pranav,

oh, pyenchant should just be an optional dependency if you want spellchecking. maybe to avoid confusing we schould make it as hard dependency.

right, fenrir runs as root user, pulseaudio does only play the sound of the logged in user. so we have to transport the sound of root to your user.
this is done by the configure_pulse.sh script. run it once as root and once as your user to configure both sides of pulseaudio ( a restart is required then).

as for pipewire, i cannot say if this works and if pipewire does support this kind of transfer the sound from one instance to the other via its pulse wrapper. Trying this is from this point some kind of pioneer work.

cheers chrys

Am 12.01.22 um 01:44 schrieb pranav.lal@xxxxxxxxx:

Hi Chrys and all,,

The check dependencies script is ok. Pyenchant was missing.

Now, Fenrir does not speak but I am relucktant to run the configure pulse audio scripts because if I remember correctly, orca stopped working the last time I tried them but am not sure. Given that I do have pipewire installed, do I still need to run them?


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