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That is the Dynamic IP/User list. Looking at the SORBS web site, it
operates in the same way as all the other dynamic IP lists - the
blacklist providers state that the only people that can remove an IP
address from the list is the ISPs themselves - they will usually ignore
the request from end users. 

If you are on DSL, ISDN or dial up, then you will probably be put in
that group. Even if you have a static IP, then you will still be in
there. That is because most ISPs will just assign you a dynamic IP
address that doesn't change - like a reservation in DHCP. 

The only way round it is to route email through your ISP using an SMTP
Connector. Add domains to the list as you find that you are unable to
send to them directly. 


Simon Butler
MCP, MCSA, MVP:Exchange
Amset IT Solutions Ltd.

e: simon@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Can anybody help me, Please?!?!  Have been blacklisted by Sorbs DUHL for
several months and can't get unlisted. states "NEVER
BLOCK WITH: MAPS-DUL, SORBS-DUHL (these knowingly list IPs that do not
meet listing criteria)." Has anyone had this problem and been able to
resolve it without having to change your IP address?


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