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  • Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 07:57:44 -0800

You are on a Pac Bell IP.

You can contact Pac Bell and have them change the rDNS to match the actual
host name of your server. Then submit for removal on the SORBS sight.

Other than that, contact the domains that are rejecting and gently explain
that they should not be rejecting outright based on SORBS-DUL as there are
widely known problems with that aside the fact that no one should be
rejecting based on such RBLs.

ALSO: You have some DNS issues you need to clean up.

Netblock: ( 
Record Created: Mon Nov 21 08:26:10 2005 GMT 
Record Updated: Mon Nov 21 08:26:10 2005 GMT 
Additional Information: Dynamic/Generic IP/rDNS address, use your ISPs mail
server or get rDNS set to indicate static assignment. 
Currently active and flagged to be published in DNS 
If you wish to request a delisting please do so through the Support System.

John T
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"Seek, and ye shall find!"

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> I am actuall having emails from several different users to several
> different domains blocked because of this.
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