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Do you have linksys router?

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I have a problem and can't find a solution. I searched every FAQ to this
subject and have no idea, so all my hopes lie on you...

In the company we have an Exchange 5.5 Server. The company is connected
to the internet over broadband. I too have a broadband connection at
home and I used to use my Outlook 2000 at home to connect to my
companies Exchange-Server. My PC used to be connected directly to the
broadband modem and everything worked fine.

Now I  installed a router at home to share the connection with two PCs
and I can't connect with the Exchange-Server anymore. I configured the
router to forwarded every port to my pc. When I go into the setting of
my Outlook 2000 I can enter the DNS name of the companies Exchange
server and he seems to find it because he changes the DNS name to the
name of the exchange server.
e.g.: is changed to ex01 and the name is
underlined. He also seems to verify the existence of my user name. But
when I want to connect and read my mail, it takes round about a minute
and then I receive an error message that he could not connect :(..

The only explanation I could think of and what changed since the
installation of the router is that my home pc now does not have a real
Internet-IP-Address anymore. Both the exchange-server and my PC have a
192.168.0.* address but in different networks. Does the communication
between outlook 2000 and exchange 5.5 use any special protocol which
can't be routed over IP ? So either that is the case or my Outlook 2000
submits my HomePC-IP-Address to the server and he can't reach it

Do you have any idea, tips or recommendations?
Any help is very appreciated,


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