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hi amit,
if i change the rules to "this machine only" is it mean the rules stored locally not to exchange server? can it increase the rules limit?
default email is mailbox on exchange and i add one pst for store the email. does the rules will stored at this pst if i create the rules?

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If you are talking about server rules then…


Exchange 2003 : The rules size limit for mailboxes on Microsoft Exchange Server is 32 KB and you can't increase.

Exchange 2007 : The rules size limit for mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange Server has been increased to a default size of 64 KB per mailbox. The rule limit can be increased up to 256 KB per mailbox but you have to do it manually.



Amit Tank

On 5/7/07, asus77x <asus77x@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hi guys,
how to increase rules size in ms outlook 2003?

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