RE: connection filtering on HELO/EHLO

  • From: "Tim Jordan" <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 16:20:45 -0900

This is really a good solution.  At our site we route all our clients
email through a Slackware Linux box running Sendmail, Spam Assassin,
Clam-AV, and Milter (which allows us to write custom Perl scripts
against incoming mail(ex: checking if the recipient is valid in AD)(Yes,
we have a part time Unix Admin!).  Then the Exchange server at the
clients site only allows (connection filtering) connections from our
Sendmail server.  

Bottom line is if you can build this it's a great solution.  Pickup
whatever Linux distro your comfortable with or that you can find local
support for (Linux user group) and go for it!

I'm a mid-level admin on Linux and I built the solution using Debian,
Spam Assassin, Clam-AV and had it working in less than a week.

To test how affective it was working I installed Group shield and Spam
Killer from McAfee and found that it wasn't worth running these extra
services when the Linux solution is getting the job done!

Good luck,

PS: If your new to Linux.  Mandrake is very easy to get started in and
lots of support available!  They have packages for most of this and it
installs nicely.  The GUI is also very easy to navigate.  I worked with
Mandrake download edition (free) for two years and now I'm a club member
and the support is even better, they even have good doc's (which is a
great compliment in the Linux world!).

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On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 15:12:07 +0100, Dan HINCKLEY <dah@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Some, on my Macintosh [ :-)) ] and on linux boxes.

Install FreeBSD...

and Postifx...

on an old PC. Email me off-list if you are interested. I will tell you
how to setup a secure email gateway/firewall to put in-front of your
Exchange server to drastically reduce your spam and the load on your
Exchange server for free (plus the cost of your $40 PC that you will
install it on ;)...).


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