[ExchangeList] Re: backups

  • From: "Greg Mulholland" <gmulholland@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 22:22:48 +1100

First advice would be to fix the backups so that logs are deleted, if it is
really a matter of diskspace for now enable circular logging, restart the
store, logs are cleared, disable circular logging and restart the store
again. Bare in mind this will only buy you limited time. If possible too you
may be able to move your log files to a larger disk, restarting the store of
course, again not solving the real problem. Depending on how much mail you
are handling they will fill up pretty quickly again. Circular logging is not
a recommendation for long term however as it prevents you from doing point
in time recovery.





Greg Mulholland

Paragon Systems Consultant

 <http://www.paragonit.com.au> www.paragonit.com.au


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my logs in mdbdata folder aren't deleting after backup. does any have any
suggestions on how i can fix this?

i am running exchange server 2003.


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