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> Coming from a loooong sabbatical...
> That's about the only other helpful mailing list that I've seen.
> That advantage to ITToolBox is that if they don't have a 
> mailing list that you think they could use (For grins, lets just say
> Windows2003-Server) then you can suggest it.
> They have a wide variety of mailing list such as Crystal 
> Reports, GoldMine, Windows (insert version here) (insert 
> model here), Linux (insert flavor here), etc. They also have 
> "vendor-selects" type mailing list where instead of asking 
> technial question, you ask sales questions (more or less) 
> such as "which vendor is better at xxxx and yyyy" and get 
> opinoins from there...
> The only real difference (as far as the social atmosphere is 
> concerened) is the list is moderated so off topic stuff 
> (generally) isn't allowed...

That's a great site.  Something for everyone.



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