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Coming from a loooong sabbatical...
That's about the only other helpful mailing list that I've seen.
That advantage to ITToolBox is that if they don't have a mailing list
that you think they could use (For grins, lets just say
Windows2003-Server) then you can suggest it.
They have a wide variety of mailing list such as Crystal Reports,
GoldMine, Windows (insert version here) (insert model here), Linux
(insert flavor here), etc. They also have "vendor-selects" type mailing
list where instead of asking technial question, you ask sales questions
(more or less) such as "which vendor is better at xxxx and yyyy" and get
opinoins from there...
The only real difference (as far as the social atmosphere is concerened)
is the list is moderated so off topic stuff (generally) isn't allowed...

Kenny Mann

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On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 15:15:19 +1000, AdrianB
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> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone knew of a mailing list for Windows Server, 
> similar to this one?

Please let us know if you find one.

> I find that this list is extremely informative and helpful.

Same here.

> I have looked at the Windows Server website communities, etc. but 
> cannot see anything like this. What has prompted this?  Patch 
> management and how others handle it... (not SUS and SMS)

The best mailing list for patch management:


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