RE: Turn Off Outlook Redemption.

  • From: "Chris Williams" <chrisw@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 10:26:07 -0800

You can't turn it off.  This is a security protection feature that alerts you 
any time an application is trying to access your mail resources (address book, 
etc.) using simple scripting.  If you could "turn it off" some way, that's the 
first thing a virus would do before it attempts to propogate over email, 
wouldn't it?
The only way *not* to get these alerts is to ensure that the applications you 
use are written to "Extended MAPI", not the more basic "Simple MAPI" or CDO 
calls.  These interfaces are scriptable, which is why they are locked down.  
Extended MAPI is a C++ only interface, so applications written to it are more 
complex, and don't raise an alert.  Or, they can avoid making mail interface 
calls at all, and instead make direct calls against the Directory, etc.
By the way, it's not "Outlook Redemption".  Outlook Redemption is a third-party 
programming layer written against Extended MAPI that exposes a messaging 
interface.  You can write an app against the messaging interface exposed by 
Outlook Redemption, and it will not raise the alerts you discuss below.
Bottom line: FileNet probably has an updated version that doesn't raise alerts. 
 Ask them about it, and upgrade if they have one.


From: Rajnish Malik [mailto:rajnish@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [exchangelist] Turn Off Outlook Redemption.

Hi Guys,
I'm having an issue with outlook client. The default Security in outlook 
2002/2003 (Outlook Redemption) keeps giving my users a pop-up message 
We are having FileNet on which my application is running and it queries the 
Exchange server for GAL and for sending messages.

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