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Andrew, just more rubbish pouring forth from you.


He is trying to do this remotely, not go to each workstation.


And why should he remove the title since you do not know how to do


And what do PST files have to do with Outlook archiving? Yes, Outlook
archives are PST files, but the lack of PST files at a particular location
does not mean Outlook archiving is not enablel. Why, Outlook itself, unless
it is an Exchange MAPI client, uses PST files.


Gee, seems like maybe you are the one that needs to change your title.


John T

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Hi Robert, 


It might be wise to remove "Email Administrator" from your title since I
don't know how to access the .pst files under Windows XP. 


On the machine or machines that you are trying get the .pst file from you
need go under Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> (click on) Show hidden
files and folders -> (click on) OK


Open C:


(go into) Documents and Settings -> {username of choice} -> Local Settings
(hidden) -> Application Data (hidden) -> Microsoft -> Outlook (.pst files
are stored here)


If there are no PST files there could be a chance that Outlook's auto
archive is disabled.






From: Robert Lawson [mailto:rlawson@xxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: Soka|discover pst files on local drives


Hello All,

  I'm looking for suggestions/directions on how to discover Outlook pst
files on local hard drives on computers on our network.  The files all have
the extension .pst; all computers are Windows XP;  we'd check "C" and "D"

  I've tried using "NET USE X: \\computer\c$ <file:///\\computer\c$>
password /USER:domainadmin@xxxxxxxx", with my domain admin user, yet this
fails with "System error 1326 has occurred.  Logon failure: unknown user
name or bad password."   Seems this is not the way to go.

Thanks, Robert


Robert Lawson
Senior Database Administrator/email administrator
Soka University of America
1 University Drive
Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656
main: 949.480.4000 fax: 949.480.4258
direct: 949.480.4224 rlawson@xxxxxxxx

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