RPC over HTTP unable to configure the client--Please help

  • From: Praveen Ramaswamy <ramaswamy_praveen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 02:23:29 -0700 (PDT)



I am trying to setup RPC over HTTP. My FE server is in DMZ and BE server in 
internal network. I have followed the procedure in Microsoft RPC over HTTP 
deployment guide. I am facing problem while configuring mail profile. 


I am using Exchange 2003 With SP1 on Windows 2003 server. 


   From PC located in internal net work I tried to configure the profile. When 
I try to do ?check name? it keeps asking for username and password and nothing 
   Tried to configure profile on PC in DMZ and it doesn?t resolve my account 
name and it doesn?t even prompt for user name and password


OWA access through FE is working fine and MAPI access to BE is also fine. 
Additionally I have allowed ports 6001, 6002 & 6004 from FE to BE. In fact I 
can see traffic on these ports from FE to BE on firewall log (Firewall Rules is 
applied on internal IP of FE and BE). 


In understand that I should have RPC 135 open from the client PC to FE server 
for me to configure the profile. I am trying to give the FE?s FQDN as server 
name which resolves to my FE public IP. I am following the document in 
exchange.org to configure the client. 


Should I allow RPC 135 to my FE external IP from my PC in internal network??

What is that I am missing ??


Please help.



Praveen R

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