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  • From: "david" <apba08@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 22:09:07 +0100

Dear Tom,

I started subscribing to this group about 18 months ago when I became a
systems administrator for small networks at two schools. I have looked on in
awe at the technical expertise in the group and have marvelled as to how
anyone could have developed systems of such complexity which seem to be
inherently unstable!-)

The best advice I picked up from this group was to build a server 2 or 3
times myself and then employ some experts (consultants) to do the actual

This I did and have a very sound Win2k / E2K network at one school.

But, it has left me with gaps in my knowledge at a very basic level. These I
try to fill with some measure of success. Now it may well be that such
things are too simple for this group (as witnessed by recent exchanges from
our colonial friends!!) but it's what I need! I'm quite content, of course,
to be pointed elsewhere or just plain shown the door but there just may be
others out there like me.

At my other location I have inherited a network with cable festooned around
a rambling building and NT4 E5.5 set up in a similar rambling way. Roaming
profiles scattered across 3 or 4 hard drives, login scripts all over the
place, random allocation of permissions to files to name but a few.

One area that I haven't understood is the relationship between Exchange and
Outlook. There are numerous papers on each but I haven't yet found one that
covers the interface at the level I need. All e-mail sits on the server and
is then accessed from any workstation by the user. Where is this decided?
How do I change this? A "step-by-step" guide would be of great help.

Another area of total mystery to me is hardware firewall configuration. I
heard one security expert describe a particularly popular software firewall
as "about as much use as a paper umbrella". I have to say I haven't
researched this area at all but if you were willing to produce an idiot's
guide I'd be a reader.

Just one more and that is I suspect many of us are contemplating the move
from ISDN to ADSL and again a step by step guide might be useful.

Hope this helps to point you!

Yours sincerely

David S.

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