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  • Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 00:24:56 +0800

Windows Rights Management Service is the answer. It is free and integrated
into Office and of course Outlook.


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Isn't it funny how the dead-in-dog-years email program you used to have
(cc:Mail) has the ONE function that the President of the company wants to
use that doesn't seem to exist in the brand new email software (Exchange
2003/Outlook) that we just paid a bazillion dollars for...?
In cc:Mail when you marked an email as "private" it would block the
accidental forwarding of email.  I know that if you really WANTED to forward
the email outside the company it was just a matter of copy and paste.  But
it did stop the brain-fart type forwarding where the users just push a
button because it is too easy, or they simply ignored the bright red text at
the top of the message that reads "This is a confidential message from the
big cheese, don't send this out to anyone."
Any functionality in Exchange that I can use to duplicate this feature?  I
have been poking around Google for a while and nothing is surfacing.  It
mostly returns hits on how to encrypt messages.
Thanks in advance!

Ray Dzek
Network Operations / Helpdesk Supervisor
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