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I'm a little unclear on your topology. Please elucidate.

Are you trying to connect to the front-end server from inside your firewall or 
outside your firewall? 

If your FE and BE servers are not segmented or filtered, you do not need to map 
the ports.

Are you attempting to use RPC/HTTP? Or a direct MAPI connection?

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I am having a problem connecting with Outlook (MAPI) to front-end servers. It 
can not resolve the username. There is no firewall between the front-end and 
back-end servers (the front-end servers are used for load balancing).

I can connect to the front-end servers using POP or OWA no problem. Just does 
not work with MAPI.

I have not done any registry changes regarding ports since there is no 
firewall. Maybe I am in error and I must configure the registry to map the 

The back-end server IS NOT a DC.

Any insight would be very appreciated :-)


Frederic Giroux, technical director
Niveau3 Inc.
IT consultants
514-352-4782 (ext. 223)
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