RE: Outlook connection with MAPI to front-end server

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  • Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 20:16:36 -0500

Unless your front-end server is an RPC over HTTP proxy, it won't work, because 
you don't have any mailboxes there, right? 


Hope this helps;


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Subject:        [exchangelist] Outlook connection with MAPI to front-end server


I am having a problem connecting with Outlook (MAPI) to front-end servers. It 
can not resolve the username. There is no firewall between the front-end and 
back-end servers (the front-end servers are used for load balancing).

I can connect to the front-end servers using POP or OWA no problem. Just does 
not work with MAPI.

I have not done any registry changes regarding ports since there is no 
firewall. Maybe I am in error and I must configure the registry to map the 

The back-end server IS NOT a DC.

Any insight would be very appreciated :-)


Frederic Giroux, technical director
Niveau3 Inc.
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