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Long time ago in a land far away....was running Lotus Notes 4.  We loved the 
Stationary options..added that lil falir of personality to the emails.  
However, when some would email externally, other companies' mail servers 
couldn't view the image.

Back to present day....I have a vendor that has an image that appears embedded 
that i can't read.  Personally, I think it detracts from the message.  

Just my opinion..not that I know much of anything these days.


>>> DELIAS@xxxxxxxxxx 06/27/02 01:47PM >>> - Re-Vamped!

I recently spoke with an IT director of another firm who was trying the same
thing.  He found that not everyone he sent an email was able to view the
image.  Just thought you should be aware of that.  And I tried creating a
stationery that has our firm logo, and when I sent it to my hotmail account
and also to my manager's aol account, it was not viewable.  All you saw was

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A thanks to the individuals who helped me with OWA!!  Much appreciated!!

I have a new question.  Does anyone know how "signatures" work in Outlook.
One of my users would like to add a watermark/image to his/hers signature.
Is this possible?  I can't get the .rtf recognize the watermark/image.  

Or do I need to look at the stationary picker?  However, when I go into
"stationary picker" It's grayed out.  I can't brows to it.

thanks for help..

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