[ExchangeList] Re: Outlook PST Files and Roaming Profiles

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I would check to see if there is a group policy in place possibly
restricting something, it may also  be a setting when outlook is installed
if the ORK is used and a custom deployment is setup, and a default outlook
profile is assigned. Hope this helps - Marc


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Hi All,


I hope someone has experienced this before... and fixed it :)


I currently have a situation where we have set up an environment using
roaming profiles, redirecting the users My Documents etc to the server.
There is and Exchange 2003 mailserver and clients running Outlook XP.


The problem is that a few, not all, users have PST files on their home
folders, which is OK as it is a 100Mb connection, but what happens is, when
the user logs off and then onto a different machine, the mapping to the PST
files are lost, all other settings come across, just not this.


I thought it may be something to do with the network but I created a new PST
file for an effected user on their desktop, connected to it, logged off and
onto a different machine - same problem, no PST mapping.


If the user logs off then back onto the same machine then it retains the


I know that the users could just keep their archived mail in subfolders of
their inbox or in Public folder with restricted rights but its not solving
the problem, its just a workaround. (though this is what we are advising
them to do for the time being...)


I really hope someone has seen this before or has some ideas about how to


Sorry this isn't directly Exchange related but at least you are all using
Outlook... :)



Mark Taylor

MET Helpdesk

0870 903 7595


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