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Is it possible to recreate the user account? 

As you described your problem - It's a one user problem. Recreating the
user account can solve the problem.


Some highlights:


When Exchange 2000 sends mail to a remote routing group, the message
must travel through a connector. 


There are three different types of connectors:

1.    Routing Group connector - Connects routing groups, so messages can
be transferred between routing groups.

2.    SMTP connector - Enables you to control the flow of messages
between SMTP hosts.

3.    X.400 connector - establish an X.400 messaging route between two
routing groups or between a routing group and an X.400 system.


Actually I don't think that you need the X.400.


Look at:



If you don't need the X.400, you can go to the user properties and in
the e-mail address you can remove the X.400 from his e-mail address.



Hope this help




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There is only one routing group: First Routing Group


It has 3 connectors:

1. Internet Mail - Has the Exchange server as the bridgehead server and

outgoing is forwarded to my e-mail server which is the gateway.

2. Connector for MS SchedulePlus FreeBusy (Exchange) - 

3. Connector for MS Mail (Exchange)


Again, these were configured before I took over the server.


John Tolmachoff


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