RE: Outgoing e-mail problem with one user

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Can not recreate user at this time, as client is using MS CRM, which is
heavily integrated and I am not sure what deleting and recreating a user
would do in CRM.

How do you remove X.400?

There is no X.400 connector. However, there is a MS Mail connector.

When I re-enabled the Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks, MS Mail Connector
Interchange, (was already set to manual) and Microsoft Exchange Directory
Synchronization, and looked at queues under X.400 protocol, I see 136
message sitting in the Connector for MS Mail (Exchange) queue. How do I get
these out of there, and prevent them from going there in the first place? 

If I go to Add/Remove programs, and uninstall the MS Mail connector, will
that cause other problems?

Or what is the correct way that the MS Mail connector needs to be set up?

This issue is driving me nuts.

John Tolmachoff
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Is it possible to recreate the user account? 
As you described your problem ? It's a one user problem. Recreating the user
account can solve the problem.

Some highlights:

When Exchange 2000 sends mail to a remote routing group, the message must
travel through a connector. 

There are three different types of connectors:
1.    Routing Group connector ? Connects routing groups, so messages can be
transferred between routing groups.
2.    SMTP connector ? Enables you to control the flow of messages between
SMTP hosts.
3.    X.400 connector ? establish an X.400 messaging route between two
routing groups or between a routing group and an X.400 system.

Actually I don't think that you need the X.400.

Look at:

If you don't need the X.400, you can go to the user properties and in the
e-mail address you can remove the X.400 from his e-mail address.

Hope this help


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From: John Tolmachoff (Lists) [mailto:johnlist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 9:17 AM
To: [ExchangeList]
Subject: [exchangelist] RE: Outgoing e-mail problem with one user

There is only one routing group: First Routing Group

It has 3 connectors:
1. Internet Mail - Has the Exchange server as the bridgehead server and all
outgoing is forwarded to my e-mail server which is the gateway.
2. Connector for MS SchedulePlus FreeBusy (Exchange) - 
3. Connector for MS Mail (Exchange)

Again, these were configured before I took over the server.

John Tolmachoff
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