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Typically for a multi-server internet type deployment, you'd want a FE
server to handle the obscuring of the BE servers.  In other words, you don't
want to open tcp 443 to each BE server and publish the server name to the
internet, typically.  To achieve, this use the FE server as the single point
to the internet.  And yes, you'd only want to open TCP 443.  Even better
than opening a TCP port (allow rule) from the internet to the FE server
would be to use a layer-7 firewall device that proxie's the conversation
between internet and FE server so you can put the FE server on the internal
network and not have to worry about integrating that machine into a DMZ and
opening access to the Active Directory, DNS, etc.  (The FE server must be a
member of the forest).

ISA works in this capacity as does squid if you prefer open source.  I'm
sure there're others.


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> OWA is enabled by default. User can access by 
> http://exchangeservername/exchange/userid
> The user id is usually the first part of your SMTP email ID. If your 
> email ID is first.last@xxxxxxxxxx, the userid=first.last.

Thanks!  Can this be accomplished over the Internet (where ports 135 etc.
are generally blocked by most ISP's) or can this be used only locally on the

best regards

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