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Note the change to your subject line. When posting something off the topic,
please include OT: at the begging of the subject line.


You do not do enough searching. There is a MS command line tool available
that will allow you to script in a batch file the changing of the
administrator account password on Windows XP computers. I know it is there
as I used to use it. 


If I have the time, I will look it up, but in the mean time, do more


John T

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Dear All,


                  I know that this Forum is not for these kinds of
Problems/Solutions discussions. But I was not getting the right place for
this Query that's why I had posted this query here. Please suggest the
solution for the following condition:- 


                   We have Windows Server 2003 domain with around 600
Clients. All clients have Windows XP Pro. Installed. 

            We have already renamed the local administrator account on all
client machines but now I want to reset the password of all client machines
and condition is that we have to do it periodically like weekly or monthly. 

             Now I am looking for any script, any command line or any
utility with the help of which I can do this activity form a centralized
location with minimum efforts. 


        I had search GOOGLE lots of time but not get the exactly solutions. 


Thanks in advance !!!


Thanks and Regards,

Shorabh S. Upadhyay
Engineer - Exchange Server Support 
Progressive Infotech (P) Ltd.
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