[ExchangeList] Re: Move Exchange 2003 SP2 to new hardware

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Any reason you want to keep the same server name?
It complicates things greatly and is best avoided. 
If you have new hardware do a standard swing migration migration. This
will allow you to do the work with zero downtime and no loss of data. 
The most common reason that people want to retain the same computer name
is because they don't want to visit every machine to change Outlook.
That isn't a problem. As long as both the old and the new server are
alive with Exchange installed when the clients login for the first time
then they will redirect to the new server automatically with no
interaction from the administrator or user required. You can even do the
move without the users even noticing. 


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I am trying to move exchange to new hardware and am following the
instructions from TechNet 
"How to Move Exchange Server 2003 to New Hardware and Keep the Same
Server Name".
It seems pretty simple. 
Make backups of the Exchange Storage Groups.
Take the existing Exchange server off line.
Install Server 2003 and all the service packs on the new server and name
the server the same as the previous Exchange server.
Reset the Computer Account for the server in the domain.
Join the Server to the domain.
Install Exchange 2003 with /disasterrecovery switch.
Install Exchange service packs with /disasterrecovery switch.
Restore the exchange databases.
Mount the store.
The problem comes with the install of Exchange 2003. I get an error
saying Exchange has known issues with that version of windows but I can
Continue if I want. I am thinking it really will work because I have
Exchange 2003 running on Server 2003. The install continues and says it
finishes but it does not really install Exchange.
I put the old server back on line and am trying to figure out what went
Any ideas?
I had Exchange 2003 SP2 running on Member Server 2003 SP1 in a Windows
2000 domain.
Am I misreading the error? I was going to try installing Exchange 2003
on Server 2003 without the service pack to see if that would work. That
does not really make sense though.
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