IMC fault tolerant method

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Hi all, 


I have a single site organization consisting of five exchange 5.5 SP4
servers.  Two of the server has IMC Connectors.  What I am trying to do is
have fail over in the event that one of the IMC circuits goes dead.  The
setup on the address space currently is server1 cost:1, server two cost:10.
I have a couple questions:


1. Is their anyway to automate this so traffic can be routed automatically
when there is a circuit failure?

2. Is their any procedure to re-route email already sitting in the queue. 


I have read that even with a circuit going dead the IMC is still accepting
traffic and will be queued until it can deliver the messages or reach its
time out value.   


I did search for an answer and found references to how the IMC functions but
no clear answers on clearing the queue or for a better way of setting up the


Thanks for any help on this.



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