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> Hello to one an all,
> I am a bit of a novice when it comes to exchange server 2000 
> and have recently started working at a small company where 
> span is a big problem.  I have been investigating anti spam 
> software and GFI Mail essentials seems to be the best viable 
> option as I am working for a small company with limited 
> budget. All the reviews I have read have been very good, 
> however I should very much like to hear the views of anyone 
> who has used it (particularly in a small corporate 
> environment) and would like to hear their opinions or any 
> problems they may have found.
> Many Thanks
> Graeme Robertson

Just over a year ago when I was in the same position, I was looking at
building my own spam filter using the open source tools availible on the
Linux platform. I wanted something that could use DNSBLs and spam assassin,
well I found mimedefang and decided to start to build my own when the author
of mimedefang came out with a nice user interface and I was sold, plus the
commercial product CanIt was designed from the ground up to avoid loss of
valid mails, while including integrated antivirus checking. 

As you look at various tools, look at how flexible the platform is so that
you can quickly adjust to spammers as they are a slippery, slimy target.
With the CanIt interface I can quickly add rules to filter based any
characteristic of the email. 

And by using CanIt you can take advantage of DCC the Distributed Checksum
Clearinghouse, a very efficient spam identifier (no false positives in 8
months of use).

And another site for setting up Linux based servers

John Mason


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