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You're talking about cached info.

Try going to OWA, open a new message, type one of the names you deleted, and
then click on check names.

These are first hand info, so if you see there, then the name has not been
deleted, if has been deleted you will not find it.

Understanding the autocomplete cache
By Diane Poremsky

One of the great things about TechEd is that it gives me a chance to pick up
great ideas for future columns, both from attending sessions, and talking to
attendees in the Cabanas Ask the Expert areas.
One attendee had this problem:
We use Outlook 2003 and my users aren't very good at adding email addresses
to the Contacts folder and rely heavily on the autocomplete cache, but it
gets replaced often.
First, I'll explain how the autocomplete cache works. The autocomplete cache
is also known as the nickname cache, and is stored as a hidden file in
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\
Outlook\<profile_name>.NK2 if you use Outlook 2002/2003. It has a limit of
1000 of the most recently used addresses, and new addresses are not added to
it until you end the current Outlook session. There is a registry key you
can edit to control the size of the nickname cache in Outlook2002, but it
doesn't work with Outlook 2003.
Managing the nickname cache is easy. If you have a mistyped address in your
cache you can use the arrow keys to select the address and press Delete to
remove it. Or you can delete the existing NK2 file to completely clear the
cache and start with a clean cache file.
If the users are losing addresses of people they recently replied to, it's
because Outlook crashes or does not close properly and the changes aren't
written to the NK2 file. The existing *.NK2 shouldn't be replaced by a clean
*.NK2 if this happens, but new addresses you've sent mail to, or replied to
won't be saved to the file. Less used addresses are replaced by new
addresses when the NK2 contains 1000 addresses, but if something is corrupt,
Outlook replaces the current NK2 with a new, clean one. We don't know what
causes it to become corrupt, but we suspect a large number of addresses in
the cache is part of the problem.
Microsoft doesn't provide a tool to edit the nickname cache, but if you need
to view or edit the NK2 file, a third party utility called Ingressor Desktop
(formerly Owtlook) is available. This $35/user tool allows you to edit the
NK2, capture the addresses and create contacts, or populate it with
frequently used addresses. Owtlook is especially useful for corporations
that need to capture all addresses employees correspond with.
If you're using the autocomplete cache as your address book because it's too
much effort to right click on an address and save it as a new Contact, you
should use a utility that creates contacts from all addresses you reply to,
as the autocomplete cache is not a good substitute for storing addresses in
contacts. You'll find a list of utilities on Slipstick at, or use Owtlook to collect
and save the addresses. Microsoft also has a file in their knowledge base
entitled, " Reduce the Number of Names in the Nickname Cache ( Outlook
2002)" at that addresses this
issue as well.
Product availability and resources[NL]For more information about Ingressor
Desktop, visit
Diane Poremsky is the president of CDOLive LLC and a Microsoft Outlook MVP.
She's author of Teach Yourself Outlook 2003 in 24 Hours (Sam's, 2003) and
coauthor of OneNote 2003 for Windows (Visual QuickStart Guide). For
questions or suggestions for future columns, write her at

The Power Magazine for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Users at
Copyright (c) 1998-2005, ZATZ Publishing. All rights reserved worldwide.
Outlook is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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I have removed and disabled some accounts and the GAL is not being updated
properly. The names of the accounts are still showing. I have tried to
rebuild the offline file and also tried to download the address book.
Nothing is working!!!! Please help.

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