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telnet to your server 25 i get sendmail
so the send mail is a mail relay ?
look at the log files of the mailrelay , i think he is forward the mail
like this user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx what the exchange can't get , the exchange is
to find user in domain (not and will not relay
to it

* you can add smtp adreess to all the users by user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hello to all!

I am in serious need of assistance with setting up an Exchange 2001 (v6)
Server, and I would greatly appreciate anyone's tips/tricks/setup
information/advice that will help me get this beast up and going.

Here's the setup specs.

1 Exchange 2001 Server which runs on a Dual P3 running Win2k Server/AD & ISA
Server 2000.

Server Name:  NT01.HQ.UNNAMED.COM
Server IP: (Lets pretend this is the external address)

Domain "" which host's our web site on a Sun box (probably quite
a few of them) running latest blend of Solaris using sendmail.  Our provider
has setup the DNS alias "" to forward to our dedicated
w2k/exchange/isa server.  If you ping the DNS name "" it
resolves with the correct external IP address.

We can send mail out which is addressed correctly and reaches all
destinations, however anything that is sent to the e-mail addresses setup in
exchange (ex: scott.hasler@xxxxxxxxxx will not reach our Exchange server and
ultimately wont be delivered to the user's mailbox.

I have setup the SMTP Virtual Server to receive incoming mail, which is
about the extent of my knowledge with Exchange.  I am lost when it comes to
Exchange and have been studying/reading every day trying to learn as fast as
I can but I have been unsuccessful thus far.

Ok, so my real question is, from a default/standard install of Exchange 2001
what would need to be done/setup to receive mail coming from
"" (which is using sendmail) and have the mail reach the
correct recipient addresses?  A connector of some sort?

There is also one other thing, if I run a trace route to it
will time out when it hits the Cisco.  This could be ISA preventing access
to the server, which is doubtful because I have configuring it to allow both
SMTP/POP3 traffic.  Again, any help/advice would be much appreciated as I am
still trying to learn!

Kindest Regards,

Scott Hasler
Siemens Business Services

email:  scott.hasler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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