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-------------------------------------------------------Like antivirus, having 
multiple vendor products can be a good thing to help fight spam, however, you 
need to consider your end users and how it effect sthem.

For A/V, the end user doesn't interact with it, but for spam, most products 
allow end user interaction, and layering on multiple products means more 
management for the end user.  That could mean very unhappy users.

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You could use connection filtering, rbls, sender filtering but then you've just 
added more layers of complexity that you might not need if you configured GFI a 
little differently.  But I don't know if you're even unsatisfied with your 
current solution.  Simpler works better for me.


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Subject: [ExchangeList] is multiple anti apam a good idea?

Something I am not sure about. I have GFI mail essentials set but do you think 
having sender and intelligent message filtering enabled as well is good to? 
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