RE: Exchange Size or Outlook Size Problem?

  • From: "Andrea Coppini" <andreacoppini@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 16:00:11 +0100

Strange, practically all of our mailboxes are over 250mb in size.  We
have one specific user who has a 4.3gb mailbox... No problems (as long
as he doesn't try to make it all available offline, that is! :-D)

We have around 40 mailboxes used concurrently out of about 70 in total.
Our Exch spec is similar to yours (1.2Gb RAM, 700mhz Xeon, 6x 10k RPM
36gb HDs in 2 RAID5 sets, Member Server).  No problems at all.

Check disk activity on your Exchange server.  Try to keep your
transaction log files separate (in terms of physical disk location) from
your information store files, as this adversely affects performance for
everyone when a single user does a full-text search throughout his

I have heard of GoldMine, I've also heard of ACT (which we bought but
never put in production), but unless it has certain features which can't
be implemented through Outlook/Exchange, avoid it.  We have public
folders with 8,000+ contacts and exchange skims through them like a
skier on steroids.

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I've seen many a size questions, which I'm sure are somewhat related to
computer speeds.

There is a program called GoldMine. They claim that Outlook, generally,
can only handle around 10,000 contacts. We, currently, are having
problems with our Exchange server holding BIG email accounts. Sizes of
around 250MB or so, starts getting extremely slow. We currently have
plenty (2GB) of RAM, 1.13ghz processor, UltraSCSI 15k RPM 18GB
(Mirrored) hard drives. 100Mb network. The clients are basic computers.
~700mgz / 128-256MB RAM / IDE 7200 RPM hd ( > 5GB free space)

Office version is Office XP with some Office 97's.

I've seen a recent email stating that sizes of 2GB is the limit,  but I
don't understand how someone could hit that limit when we are having
problems with 250MB.

I believe we might have something setup wrong or perhaps aren't using it
correctly. Any suggestions? Has anyone here heard of GoldMine and/or
have any suggestions?

I have consulted the mostly-all-knowing Google and could not find any
answer. TIA!

--Kenny Mann

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