Exchange Migration Wizard

  • From: "Jay Errappa" <j.errappa@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 04:58:36 -0700

Hi all

I am migrating from Exchange 5.5 Organization to a new Exchange 2000 ORG
sp3(Windows 2000 sp3).

I did not create any X.400 connector between the two Organization, I just
create a new forward lookup Zone in my Windows 2000 DNS and MX record that
point to my Exch 5.5 server and on Exch 5.5 server I use Internet mail
connector (Smart host= Exchange 2000 mail Server), thus user can send mail
between the two Organization.


I have used ADMT to Clone(with SIDs) all users and Groups to the new

The migrated users have no email attributes, then I used the Microsoft
Exchange Migration Wizard to copy mailbox.

While using Migration Wizard , I connect to my Exch 5.5 using LDAP port
390, Select one user that I want to copy his mailbox and specified to
which OU. The migration wizard ended with errors" see application log for


Here are these errors:

Event id:13002

A mailbox could not be found in the target directory with the address


Event id: 15001

An account could not be created for user


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