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  • From: "Irwan Hadi" <ihblist@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 21:26:18 -0600

-------------------------------------------------------I'm planning to transfer 
our users (about 200) from one Exchange 2003
org to another Exchange 2003 org. The problem is that a couple of our
users have really big mailboxes (2 GB all the way till 6 GB), which
means I won't be able to use exmerge.

The options now are either we need to go to each workstation, export
the mailbox to a PST by using Outlook 2003, setup a new Outlook
profile with the new Exchange 2003 org, and re-import the email to the
workstation ; or use Exchange Migration Wizard.

My questions now are:
1. Does Exchange Migration Wizard work well in transferring huge
mailbox from one Exchange org to another Exchange org?
2. Do I have to create a two-way trust between these two Exchange
organizations, in order for EMW to work?
3. Suppose that I don't do ADMT to migrate the users first; as far as
I understand EMW will create a disabled user at the target Exchange
2003 org. Now, what does it mean with "disabled" ? Can I re-enable the
user, and change her/his password, and s/he can login to Exchange?
4. How does EMW create the disabled user ? meaning does it create a
user with the same username, or with a random username?

I'm thinking to delete the created mailbox at target organization, run
mailbox cleanup, and re-link the mailbox with the correct AD object
that has all the attributes entered such as First Name, Last Name,
phone, city.

I don't care about the SIDhistory as Exchange is located in a resource
forest, and users are fine in having their password changed.

Thank You
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