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We have a similar situation with our iMacs.
A couple of things to point out first:
There is a free, downloadable version of MS Outlook 2001 from the MS website
(do a search).  It works fine with Exchange 5.5 as an Exchange client (ie.
in Corporate mode).
Macs don't speak NetBIOS, so you have to make sure that your Exchange Server
Name is set to be translatable by DNS or is already IP.
Alternatively, use DAVE -a great piece of software which allow Macs to
access files on NT servers- to provide NetBIOS functionality.  It's quite
expensive though.
No need to use POP3 when you can have full exchange functionality.

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We have a in house Exchange server on a NT network and tiring to add a Mac

We are setting the Mac for a pop3 account, but are not receiving any inbound
or outbound mail.


Does Exchange have add-ons for the Mac?


Thanks for your help,


Pat Boyles


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