Re: Exchange 5.5 Restore - HELP

  • From: <paul_lemonidis@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 23:20:00 +0100

MessageHi Chris

Do you use the default recipient container?.This may not seem as dumb as you 
may think. I got caught on this as someone had renamed the display name of the 
original one and then created a new one with the same title as the original. 
The problem is that the underlying Directory name is wrong so it never 
populates form the consistency check. If so you will need to recreate it on the 
restore server's Organisation. The hierarchy must be absolutely correct. You 
should see errors in the event log? 

I am assuming you created a new site but with the same name as the real one so 
as not join the real site when installing Exchange to the restore server? 
Sounds like you are restoring from an offline backup. Do you not have an online 

Let me know and I will try and help further as I have done this quite a few 

Bye for now.


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  Hello all,

     I am attempting to test my backups of one of my servers.  When I restore 
the Priv and Pub on the test network (identical to production except exchange 
server name is different) I am unable to see the mailboxes.  I can open the 
Server Mgr. and view the Mailbox Resources and the Logons history, but there 
are no mailboxes.  Here are the steps that I am performing.  Please help!

  1. build restore server on Production network
  2. restore Priv and Pub from tape to restore server
  3. Change domain membership of restore server to test network (using seperate 
  4. verify I can see test network
  5. Install Exchange 5.5 (creating new Site with the same name as the 
production environment)
  6. Install current Service Pack for exchange 5.5
  7. Stop the information store service and copy the Priv and Pub restored 
files into the mdbdata directory
  8. Run isinteg -fix -pri -test alltests  and isinteg -fix  -pub -test 
  9.  Run isinteg -patch  and start all services
  10. Run DS/IS consistency adjuster on all inconsistencies.

     After doing this, I can not see the mailboxes under Recipients or by 
clicking on Global Address List.  What is going on?


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