Re: Exchange 2k3 problem

  • From: "Bob" <bob.hall@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 12:54:49 -0600

Oh, the fix for this was to notice that the x400 protocol was funtional to
the 5.5 servers, but exchange 2k3 uses SMTP. I had to go through and make
sure that port 25 wasn't being blocked on the various firewalls and
routers, found that it was, opended up port 25 traffic where applicable
and all is functional once again.

Thanx again



> Ok, 
> I have two Exchange 2k3 servers and two Exchange 5.5 servers. I origianlly
> rolled the first one at my UK facility. The second was rolled at one of my
> US facilities. Both were talking and working well with the whole
> enterprise, the 2k3 and 5.5 servers. When I originally rolled the second
> 2k3 server, it was on a subnet close to my desk, not in the server room.
> Once the machine was confirmed functional and before a mass migration from
> one of the 5.5 servers to the new target 2k3 server, I wanted to place the
> machine into the server room. So I moved the server, and part of the
> process was to change the IP to the subnet supported in the server room. I
> changed the IP from xx.xx.201.xx to xx.xx.200.xx. Everything else stayed
> the same. I made sure that AD DNS was changed accordingly, and that name
> resolution was functional.
> Now the problem is: Both of the 2k3 servers can send and recieve from the
> 5.5 servers, but they can't send or recieve from each other. They could
> before the move. When I go and look at the queues for both of the 2k3
> servers, I have a little blue arrow on the queue for the opposite 2k3
> server, concerning the "SMTP default SMTP virtual server". It notes at the
> bottom when highlighted that "the remote server did not respond to a
> connection attempt."
> DNS seems to be straight, perhaps I should create a new SMTP virtual
> server connection. They can ping each other by name.
> Anyone have any clues?
> Thanx for the help
> Bob Hall

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