Re: Exchange 2k3 problem

  • From: "Bob" <bob.hall@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 11:23:55 -0600

No takers on this one huh? No matter, I figured it out myself. 

Thanx anyways.



> Ok, 
> I have two Exchange 2k3 servers and two Exchange 5.5 servers. I origianlly
> rolled the first one at my UK facility. The second was rolled at one of my
> US facilities. Both were talking and working well with the whole
> enterprise, the 2k3 and 5.5 servers. When I originally rolled the second
> 2k3 server, it was on a subnet close to my desk, not in the server room.
> Once the machine was confirmed functional and before a mass migration from
> one of the 5.5 servers to the new target 2k3 server, I wanted to place the
> machine into the server room. So I moved the server, and part of the
> process was to change the IP to the subnet supported in the server room. I
> changed the IP from xx.xx.201.xx to xx.xx.200.xx. Everything else stayed
> the same. I made sure that AD DNS was changed accordingly, and that name
> resolution was functional.
> Now the problem is: Both of the 2k3 servers can send and recieve from the
> 5.5 servers, but they can't send or recieve from each other. They could
> before the move. When I go and look at the queues for both of the 2k3
> servers, I have a little blue arrow on the queue for the opposite 2k3
> server, concerning the "SMTP default SMTP virtual server". It notes at the
> bottom when highlighted that "the remote server did not respond to a
> connection attempt."
> DNS seems to be straight, perhaps I should create a new SMTP virtual
> server connection. They can ping each other by name.
> Anyone have any clues?
> Thanx for the help
> Bob Hall

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