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Unless it's a real archiving system it's doubtful that any discovery results 
would stand up under rigorous legal circumstance.  That should be enough on its 
own to tip the decision in favour of a real archiving system.
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Thanks for the input. I am really trying to help build a case for email 
archiving. I am not sure if it is budget reasons or what but the solution below 
is the one that is being pushed. I guess I need to know if anyone sees any 
potential problems that I might incur going down this route. 

On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 12:53 PM, Matt Nelson <nelsonm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Yeah, we're using Datacove due to the ease of search capability aside 
from legal compliance.  It makes it really easy to find documents that the 
users have emailed to eachother.  In the scenario below you cannot prove that 
you did a diligent search or that the emails were not deleted.  Archiving 
solutions for legal compliance should be able to prove that you did a proper 
search and that no emails have been deleted (at least not deleted from the 


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        Here is our situation. Our Compliance/Legal Departments are in the 
process of redefining record retention. In regards to email here is what they 
are proposing. Setup 4 mail stores. One for basic users, one for more advanced 
users, one for executives, and then one for legal holds. The idea is that 
whenever there is a legal hold, move the mailboxes to the legal hold mail 
store. Each mail store has different email limits.The legal hold mail store has 
no limits. Is this a good practice (moving mailboxes to different stores 
often)? Would there be any risks that we would run moving mailboxes around like 
        In our current environment, we have about 60 users that have mailboxes 
over 2gb. Unfortunately in the past we have only been sending out warnings on 
the size of your mailbox. In the new proposal, we will not allow users to send 
email after they reach their limit. 
        It seems like it would be easier to go with an archiving solution 
instead of trying to make exchange to this in a make shift way. Any imput or 
suggestions on this will be greatly appreciated.

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