Exchange 2000 Capacities

  • From: "Reuben Siuda" <reuben.siuda@xxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 02:26:31 -0700


the org I work for is currently investigating migration to Exchange 2000.
We have 2600 users spread across 20 UK, European and Asian sites. Each
office has an Exchange 5.5 server, in its own site.

One of our servers has 650 users and a 60GB Information Store. As you can
imagine, backup and recovery of this I.S. is something of a challenge. To
that end we have a couple of options - split the site into 2 servers of
say 30gb - or migrate to Exchange 2000, and use multiple stores on a
SAN/Clustered environment.

As usual, most of our information stores are loaded with attachments. Try
as we do, getting users to change this is not realistically going to

Having no experience yet of Exc 2000 I'd like to know if anyone has any
experience/recommendations for:

1. Maximum workable number of users on 1 Exchange 2000 server
2. Maximum store size on Ex 2000
3. How well Ex 2000 works on a clustered environment
4. Possible centralisation of all our sites into 1 new site containing all
uk users, who would then connect over out lan/wan (256 CIR minimum between
all sites, 100mb max). i.e. how well does Exc 2000 work remoteley?

Anyway, just a few ideas we are throwing about. Any comment would be
appreciated and welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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