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Check the option "Filter the recipients who are not in Directory" in the
Recipient filtering or 

add the e-mail address of the left out user in the recipient filtering.
An undeliverable message will be sent to the sender stating that the
recipient does not exist.But I am not sure if this message can be
changed to "this person is no longer with the company"


Regards, Mahadevan


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Some of the employees resigned from the company now I want to setup that
when anyone sends an email to previous employees an email notification
is sent from the administrator or from the receivers email id to the
sender that this person is no longer with the company.......how can it
be possible? I suppose it can not be done by setting out of office
replies? or is there any configuration at server side that can reply if
any mails comes to the specific email addresses? 




Farhan A. Khan
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