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Hi again,

Thank you for the response. Just to make sure I understand it right, I will
repeat the steps for the "Microsoft Shuffle" and put some questions of mine
in brackets ;-)

1. Export User Attributes 

(using LDIFDE or CSVDE?)<<<<whichever is your preference.  I'd use CSVDE
since you're not likely to re-import this later for modifications to an
existing account.  It's just for reading.

2. EXMERGE export mailbox data into .pst file 3. Stop ADC connection 4.
disassociate the 5.5 and 2000 objects for this user [msexchadcglobalnames
attribute needs to be cleaned]

(please explain a little bit more, do I only have to clean that attribute in
AD? What should I do on the 5.5 mailbox for this step?)<<<<<<<nope.  You
have to clean both 5.5 and 2000 objects.  There's a kb that describes this: 

5. Wait for replication
6. Remove Exchange Attribute from the AD user object 7. Create mailbox in
site needed 

(should i do this either by creating a new user or creating a new mailbox
for the old user?)<<<<<<<A new mailbox for the old user.  That's really what
you're after from what I understand of your post.

8. Import User Data 

(LDIFDE / CSVDE; maybe not needed [step 7]?)<<<<<<< I'd be inclined to do
this with a script, but I'm comfortable with that.  For a one-off move, I'd
just manually do this part.  Importing the user data is needed to make it
the way it was in terms of dg membership and addresses, phone numbers, etc.
The hard part is gaining information about public folder permissions.  I
would tend to treat him as a new user and have him go through the process of
public folder permissioning already in place.

9. EXMERGE import data into new mailbox
10. Restart ADC and check for correct replication

Well, sounds good in my opinion, just the small questions I have in mind.
Hope you find the time to answer them for me ;-)



> No, it will not join the mailbox-enabled object to the already joined 
> user object.  Essentially, you need to do the "Microsoft shuffle" to 
> make this work.
> Export the user information (Distro Group membership, addresses, other 
> email fields needed, etc), Export the mail data, stop ADC, 
> disassociate the 5.5 and 2000 objects for this user 
> (msexchadcglobalnames attribute needs to be cleaned), allow for 
> replication, remove mail attributes for this user in Active Directory.  
> Create new mailbox in site needed.  Populate the information required and
saved in first step. Import mail data. Replicate.
> Restart ADC and ensure that it joins the appropriate 5.5 and 2000 objects.
> Something similar to that.  It was my understanding that there was 
> supposed to be a migration tool released in sp1 that would do all of 
> that for you, but I don't see it so far.  If it's out there, that 
> would be a much better way to go IMHO ;)
> Al
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Christian.Schramm@xxxxxxx [mailto:Christian.Schramm@xxxxxxx]
> Sent: Friday, May 28, 2004 3:56 AM
> To: [ExchangeList]
> Subject: [exchangelist] EXMERGE and ADC behaviour...
> Hello out there!
> Following situation:
> Exchange 2000 / Many Sites / Mixed Mode
> One user is physically moving to another location. I want to get his 
> mailbox to the exchange server of the new location. The servers are in 
> different sites / administrative groups. So far so good.
> His source mailbox currently is on a legacy Exchange 5.5 server. The 
> target is a Exchange 2000 server (different site / administrative 
> group)
> His AD user object is already mailbox enabled (with the legacy 5.5 
> mailbox)
> Because we are in mixed mode, I can not just move his mailbox to the 
> E2K server within the same site and afterwards move the mailbox to the 
> E2K server in the other administrative group. I think I have to do 
> this between the legacy 5.5 sites using EXMERGE.
> As far as I know, EXMERGE can not create new mailboxes. 
> So I will have to create a new mailbox on the target 5.5 server. Now I 
> am asking me if our Active Directory Connector would recognize this 
> new 5.5 mailbox (in a different site) and attach it to the already 
> existing mailbox-enabled user-object?!? I do not want to create a new 
> user object because I would like to keep all the existing attributes
> Any idea?
> Thanx in advance... 
> Christian S.

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